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Underfloor Heating


The simplest way to heat any room, large or small is via underfloor heating. Efficiently, evenly and comfortably without cold areas or cold floors.

Room heating without any high surface temperature radiators, which can be a danger to the elderly or infirm. Clear walls not spoiled by unsightly radiators, no need to consider the layout of a whole room interrupted by space consuming radiators.

Underfloor Central Heating (UFCH) is cleaner than a radiator system, it does not cause wall staining and circulation of air-borne dust, both typical in a radiator heated scenario.

UFCH gives greater room comfort because of it's even distribution of temperatures, also it benefits from warmth at floor level rather than higher levels when using radiators.

UFCH is low maintenance, without the need to repaint and remove radiators during redecoration.

UFCH is generally more efficient than a radiator system. It requires a lower water temperature supply from the boiler. Ideally suited for maximum efficiency from a condensing boiler.

UFCH installation is virtually completed at first fix stage. Leaving minimal works at second fix stage.